BREO… and Blackboard… and other things….

Dear BREO user,

This is our new version of BREO. We hope you like it! BREO is the University of Bedfordshire's Virtual Learning Environment, powered by Blackboard. Why a new version? Because the old one was out-of-date, no longer supported by Blackboard and they had taken to heart a lot of our feedback about development. The new version (9.1) is faster and slicker and much more intuitive. We’ve worked furiously to get it to this stage by August 1st, but we shall be ironing out wrinkles and working to make sure everything you are used to works in time for the start of the next academic year. Please bear with us!

We have moved all content from the old system for 10-11 units so you should be able to get access to your content in the new system.

The following information applies to academic staff only.

What you will need to do is decide how you are going to proceed with your new units for 11-12. We hope you will agree this is an opportunity to do more than just the simple rollover. One major change will affect this, and that is the new requirement for all units to have a common set of menu items which you must populate and not change!. This is to provide a consistent navigational core for students, based around the contents of the Unit Handbook. You’ll see the new structure in every new unit.

But what about the old system? As of August 1st, we want to move all learning onto the new system and we will work to support you in achieving that. We can’t think of any reason why it should not be possible to move to the new system straight away, but we shall not remove the old system for at least 6 months. Users using the web address will be taken to the new system. If you need to get access to the old system, you can use the address but – and it’s a big but – unless you have a very good reason, for any units running now (that is, before the end of August) you and your students should use the new system at If you feel you absolutely must remain with the old system please contact us.

We are arranging training for department and division teams starting in the last week of August, but if you need help before that, please contact us at:

The new BREO is comprised of Blackboard 9.1(and its component parts: Turnitin, CampusPack blogs and wikis, Collaborate to replace WIMBA and an exciting new addition, Blackboard Mobile Learn for smart phones) plus PebblePad (now with an integration into Blackboard) plus Facilitate Pro, an online brainstorming tool. We hope you’ll find it makes your life, and the lives of your students, much better.

- Mark Gamble

Head of Learning Technology