All Change!

We hope you like the new look BREO. In addition to the updated graphics and branding, the new site features improved functionality, a more intuitive user interface and several new tools designed to help students get the most from their studies at the University of Bedfordshire.

Whilst students will be able to use new user interface features such as drag-and-drop content windows and PebblePad integration immediately, the majority of the new features are there to help staff enhance their BREO sites and improve efficiency by cutting down on administration time.

Here are a few of the new features available for staff:


PebblePad Integration

Previously, Pebblepad was an entirely separate system that was accessed via a web link on the BREO front page. With the new system, you can log into your Pebblepad account with one click from your BREO Home page.


Upload multiple files at once

With the old BREO, files had to be uploaded into your BREO site one by one. Now you can drag and drop multiple files at the same time.


Add video and audio content to your BREO sites

The types of files that could be uploaded to BREO in the past were limited in comparison with the new version, which can import audio and video content into a BREO site. Simply upload the video/audio file to the site and controls will be displayed automatically.


Add Youtube videos, Flickr photos, and Slideshare presentations to your BREO site

In addition to supporting the import of video, images and powerpoint presentations from your local computer, the new system allows you to browse Youtube videos, Flickr photos and Slideshare presentations, and import them directly into your BREO site.


In-line editing for your unit menu

Whereas editing the menu for your BREO site on the old system required going through several screens in the Control Panel, the new system allows you to do this more easily and intuitively, with far less clicks and without leaving the page.


Create Early Warning rules to measure student engagement

With the new BREO, you can receive alerts when students have failed to log on for X many days, gained a particular grade or submitted an assignment late. You can then send an email to all students who match this rule.